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  • It’s only natural for human beings to want recognition when they excel at something they have done. Regardless of what form directed the recognition comes in. A verbal pat on the back like “you did a great job” or “I can’t believe you did that all by yourself, keep up the good work.” Sometimes a promotion or an increase in pay may be timely. In this case patent award plaques are appropriate for the occasion.

    Receiving a patent plaque is a visual reminder of the inventor’s achievements and contributions that will last for years. Also, patent plaques awarded to an inventor helps to inspire and motivate them to achieve more patent award plaques. Benefits for those who have a Patent Recognition Program are that it helps to build employee loyalty and goodwill. People who are shown appreciation for their efforts are happier, work harder and have more self-esteem.

    We can design and implement a customized JRW Patents Recognition Program to meet your goals within your budget. Call us today at 717-671-8870, or email us.

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